Good Fences and Good Neighbors

**Hi!  Sorry I haven’t been around for awhile.  Lots of factors contributed to that.  I hope to be around more in the months to come.  Thanks for your patience.**

The house next door to ours is the largest floor plan in the sub division. Although you would never know it from the front elevation, it’s twice as big as ours with a nice flat lot like we have. When we moved into our house, it was still owned and occupied by its original owners. We didn’t know them well, but they were very friendly and they and their adult kids were a wealth of information about the neighborhood and the history of the subdivision. Sadly, the owners both passed away a few years ago and the family put the house up for sale.

As you can imagine, a sweet couple in their 90s made for really easy going neighbors, so we were a little nervous that we may not like our new neighbors as much. Luckily, a great young family bought the house and we have really enjoyed getting to know them and becoming friends. The husband grew up around the corner and they have three adorable little girls!

While their yard is large and flat like ours, the previous owners had never installed a fence and since the two oldest girls are super mobile, and seem to have a laser beam-like attraction to the street, they decided that this past summer was the time to install one.

In between our two houses was a hodge-podge of privacy walls that were part cement and part really worn out cedar.  None of it was pretty, but it did somewhat create a bit of privacy between our two yards, which we all agreed was nice.  Apparently it was so ugly that I never took a picture of it.

So since we were going to be replacing our driveway this summer, and therefore would need to move the front gate anyway, we told our neighbors/friends that we would go in halfsies with them on a new, consistent privacy fence in between our two yards along with fence and gates that would run between our two houses as well.

Here is what the that side of the yard looked like when we bought the house, before we put in the sidewalk and the fence.


And then here’s what it looked like before we re-did the drive way.


And here’s what it looks like now.



We worked with the same guy our across the street neighbors recently used and although he was expensive, we are really happy with the results.  So happy in fact that Mark decided to extend the privacy fence halfway across the back of our yard as well.  Since this winter has been so mild, he was able to knock it out one weekend in late January.  It really didn’t take him long at all!


Our half of the cost for the fence between our two houses was about $3,500, and it was another $600 in materials for half of the back of the yard, which brings our total for the outside summer 2016/winter 2017 face lift to just about $11,500. *Gulp*  And we still need a new garage door.  Hold me.

I can think of a million more fun ways to spend 11 grand around the house, but the bottom line is sometimes function is as important as fashion.  The driveway makes life easier and the fence, while also being much nicer to look at, also gives us the privacy we need to continue to love our neighbors!  The yard feels  more secluded now and that’s really nice.

The other thing that we have been up to this fall and winter is replacing furniture in our living/dining room.  I should have a post on that soon.





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