Ample Parking Day or Night

I hope at least one person got the South Park reference in the title.  *Ahem*

For many years I lived in neighborhoods where the only place to park your car was on the street and you were lucky if you found parking anywhere on your block. When we first bought our house, I remember thinking how great it was to now have a nice, long driveway and ample street parking for guests. What could be better? I thought.

But after a few years of suburban living, the fact that our driveway was only wide enough for one car began to annoy us. Mark more than me, but we both agreed it wasn’t ideal. I realize that alot of folks are probably thinking, “wow these are real first-world problems!” and they are, but they are our problems all the same. Because Mark leaves before me in the morning but also gets home before me in the evening, we both can’t park on the driveway during the week.  And on the weekend, we often need his truck for a home improvement errand when my car is parked in front of his, or find ourselves headed into town (where his massive truck is a problem in parking structures) at the times when his car is in front. The struggle is real.

The other issue is the way it looks.  When the house was first built, they only installed 2 long strips of concrete-ish, not a whole driveway and then someone a long time ago added additional concrete around the strips so it looked like this.


I apologize for not taking a better close up.  We didn’t know what day the folks were showing up to do the work and they did so as I was rushing out the door to catch a train and I completely forgot to snap one, but hopefully the visual of the grass coming up through the middle of the driveway tells you everything you need to know about its condition. Not only does it look worn out and hodgepodge and totally takes away from all the other hard work we have done to increase the curb appeal of the house, all the cracks and lack of smooth surface make it a pain to shovel in the winter.

We got a couple of quotes a few years ago and were shocked to find out how much it was going to cost.  One of the quotes was for over $10,000!  But after a few more years of saving, and parking on the street, we asked around again earlier this spring and got a quote for just over $7,000 that would include a wider driveway, and also a wider step up to the porch.  So we said, “ok fine.”

What I like most about this project is that I wasn’t required to do a thing!  I left one morning as they crew was getting there to start the work, went to New York over night for my own job, and when I got home the following evening, the whole thing was done.  It was still wet, but they were done!

On first day, they were able to jackhammer up the existing drive way and porch step and create the mold for the new one.

Drivway During

The second day they poured the new concrete, blocked if off, and said wait a week to drive on it.

Driveway After

The one casualty of this project was the fence on this side of the yard and bit of the brick sidewalk.  Mark has never liked having the fence line so close to the front of the house, so this is an opportunity to change that and he re-built the sidewalk so that it comes up and meets the end of the driveway.

In addition to figuring out where to re-install the fence, we are also looking at getting a new garage door to further spruce up the curb appeal of the house.  There are so many styles to choose from these days.  I will have a whole post about that process in the weeks to come!



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