Master Bedroom – It’s Finally Done!

Our master bedroom has come together in fits and starts. First, I himmed and hawed over the paint color before finally taking the plunge and painting the room Normandy by Benjamin Moore over a year ago. That decision quickly led to some lamps, a rug switcheroo, and some new blinds. Then summer came and everything pretty much halted. At the beginning of fall, I planned to make some striped curtains so I took a trip to IKEA to pick up some plain, white curtains for the project. I talked in this post about how I had been unable to find any for sale that were just the right shade of yellow to match the lamps that I had already purchased. So there I was in the window coverings section of IKEA, analyzing the various white curtain options, when I saw these:

Henny Rand Curtains

I really had my heart set on horizontal stripe yellow and white curtains, but my friend Jean encouraged me to give these a try, so I bought a set and brought them home to test out. I was elated to discover that they are a winner!  Nice weight, the pattern looks great in the room.  The only two issues were that I needed another pair to fill out the wide window, and they were way too long.

And here’s where the curtain saga begins.  If you don’t care about my emotional well-being over the past six months, you can just skip ahead to the reveal pictures, but I will remember you did so.

ANYWAY, When I went back to IKEA get the second pair, I realized that they come in two lengths – 98″ and 118″ – and I had originally bought the longer ones.  The ceilings on the second floor are just shy of 8′ so both would have had to have been hemmed, but the 98″ would be much easier, so I bought that size for the second pair.

When I got home I measured how long they need to be, marked each panel accordingly and then took them to a seamstress to be hemmed.  I got them back and they were still about 3″ too long, all of them. I have no idea what happened, but I was so bummed and also out $50.00.

So I decided to try and correct this miscalculation myself by using the left over hem tape from the sun room curtains.  But these curtains are just too think for hem tape, so I cried (literally) and resigned myself to the fact that I would never have curtains in my bedroom. Then my friend Jean, the one who helped get me into this mess, encouraged me to measure again, this time I had Mark do it, and then take them to her “girl” to get hemmed.  And thank god, this time they were right.


Now at this point, I had spent more money having the curtains hemmed than I did on the curtains themselves, but I think it’s still a pretty high-end look achieved for a grand total of $150. (Emotional costs not included).

You can also see in this picture that we removed the ceiling fan and replaced it with this flush mount lamp from Shades of Light. Since our ceilings on the second floor are not quite 8′ and the fan wasn’t actually centered over the bed, it hung really low and I would often hit my hands on it when I was making the bed. Mark wasn’t sold on the idea of losing the fan, but I finally convinced him to try it.  I love that it doesn’t hang over the space anymore and so far, the small, standing fan that we bought has been a fine replacement.  I will report back on how we feel after summer!

In my last little update post, I shared this picture, which was taken before the curtain saga had come to an end, but it did include our new headboard, which I also purchased last fall. It’s the Roma Tufted Headboard from Target and I have had my eye on it ever since we bought the matching bench last spring.  One  day I went online and there was a code for 15% off, so I went for it.  I saved $52 on what I thought was a pretty reasonably priced king-size headboard.


I also bought these two Hawaiian Art prints on that would fit an IKEA frame and hung them in the corner for some visual interest.  The headboard wall is hard because it’s long, but the sloped ceiling makes it asymmetrical.  I decided I needed something else to balance that side of the room and a standing lamp seemed just the thing to do it.  It’s this one from Target.


The last thing I needed to do was replace the handles on my old, Craigslist dresser.  For a long time, I planned to paint this guy and so I wasn’t really concerned about the hardware because I figured I would just fill in the existing hardware holes before I painted and then do whatever hardware I wanted.   Well over time, I decided that if I painted this dresser, that would leave the other dresser the old man out in the color/wood tone scheme I had going on in here and I wasn’t really interested in painting two dressers.  So I decided to leave it be. Neither of these dressers are in fantastic shape, but they are the same wood tone and fit their respective spaces in the room, so I am going to make them work for now and perhaps replace them both somewhere else down the road.

So back to the hardware.  Since I was no longer painting the dresser, I had to work with the holes I already had.  No problem I thought.  Well the holes are only 2.25″ center-to-center and there aren’t alot of options out there for the small a size.  I ended up with these and I think they look ok.


To remind you, here is where we started.  I love the deep, moody color so much and the room is so much more inviting.  Plus, Bruddah is pleased to announce he hasn’t needed that crate in several years!


So that’s it!  Master bedroom complete! We have officially moved on from the upstairs for awhile as the only other thing up here is the bathroom.  We are getting quotes for our driveway widening project and I hope to have info on that for you soon!


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