Kitchen Progress

It wasn’t easy, but we’re almost through the kitchen renovation.  When last we checked in, the space looked like this.


It so wasn’t good.  After the contractor failed to do the work the week we had agreed upon, he kept trying to take shortcuts and compress the timeline in order to stay on schedule for the counter measuring.  But we weren’t about to comprise on the quality of the work to accommodate his schedule, so we stood our ground.  This meant that the counter measuring appointment had to be pushed back and the whole job continues to be a week behind schedule, but at least the drywall work and HVAC were done properly and we were able to paint before the cabinets were installed.

I wasn’t able to update the blog last weekend as Gretchen, our older pup, suffered a rash of seizures early Saturday morning.  She start having occasional seizures about 3 months ago, and she’s been on anti-convulsion medication, but something happened on Saturday and she started having a seizure every hour at first.  It took the vet all day to get them stopped and the meds they gave her have pretty much had her down for the count all week.  Don’t worry though, Gretchen is a tough ol’ bird and she’s going to be fine.  We don’t know what’s causing the seizures and are considering an MRI to help determine the cause, but for now, she’s on more meds and seems to be doing better.  Whew!  So anyway, most of the work detailed below happened not this past week, but the week before.

The rest of the trade work was completed on Tuesday of that week.  Wednesday was a non-work day for the contractor so we had Tuesday night and Wednesday night to prime and paint both the ceiling and walls.  Thursday and Friday and cabinets and hardware were installed.  I didn’t know that they were going to install the hardware and I was a little frustrated that they didn’t consult me on the location of the knobs.  I would have placed them in a slightly different place.  They look fine, but I would have appreciated being consulted.


The cabinets look great.  Against the “Zuma” blue wall paint, they really pop and I don’t think that they feel out of place being new in our old house.  We were told that we could go ahead and start putting things back in the uppers, but that the lowers need to remain empty until the counters are installed.  However, I am impatient and have pretty much gone ahead and put everything back in all the cabinets.  My parents are arriving for a visit this Friday and I just didn’t see how I could get it all done if I waited for the counters to be installed first.

Speaking of the counters, they are set to be installed this Tuesday.  They will install the sink and the faucet, but they won’t actually hook all the plumbing back up. Allegedly, our contractor is going to be here on Thursday to do all the plumbing, which is cutting it awfully close, but I’ve come to expect this from him.  In fact he still hasn’t even ordered the under-cabinet lighting, something that has been in the plans for this project since the beginning, so I have no idea when we will actually be fully done.  Grr!  We still also have to install the range and the dishwasher once the counters are in place so I think there will be a few more late nights this week as we try and at least get the kitchen functioning again by this weekend.

The contractor was at least able to install the micro/vent.  It’s a very fancy microwave that at this point, I have no idea how to work!


Today Mark and I got the fridge back in it’s place. We both think that it looks so much better with the cabinet built around it than it did when I was just free-standing, although it is in exactly the same place.  What do you think?


So far we are really loving all our choices and can’t wait to see how it all comes together.  For the counters, after they came and measured, they sent two template proposals to choose from.  As I mentioned, the stone has some natural tan tones in the upper right hand corner that I wanted to minimize visually in the kitchen and the two layouts allowed me to select the one that I thought did the best job of doing that.  Unfortunately, there will be one seam to the left of the sink, which isn’t ideal as it’s my primary work area, but they weren’t able to put it on the other side of the sink because you can’t have a seam above the dishwasher and the slab isn’t long enough to place it anywhere else.  I am ok with this, but I did make sure that this was my only option.  It never hurts to ask!

So that’s where we are. I am getting very excited for the finished product.  Although there have been some delays, things have moved along so quickly it’s hard to take it all in.

3 thoughts on “Kitchen Progress

  1. Kate…our lab had seizures…so very scary. I’m sending love and good thoughts to Gretchen (and you guys!). Know that she’ll be fine. Totally impressed that you got so much done on your kitchen…looks lovely, and I love how the ‘frig looks! Cabinets are beautiful…your mom and dad will be so impressed! Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

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