New Year, New Look

Okay, so since it’s still technically January, I am sliding this New Year’s post in before it’s officially stale.  Here we go…

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a great holiday season.  I took all my decorations down over MLK weekend and it was so sad!  Generally, I prefer not to have my nooks and crannies jammed full of decor items.  When it’s not December, I typically prefer just a few pieces and mostly open space.  Mark likes even less “clutter” (as he calls it) than I do, so it’s only once a year that our house is really “full” of decor items.  However, there’s something about having your house brimming with holiday decorations as the days turn cold and you spend more time inside that feels really cozy to me.

To make myself feel better about putting all the holiday decorations away, I decided to give then sun room sitting space a bit of a new look.





The throw pillows on the sun room chairs were $20 each at Target, and the throw blanket (also from Target) was on sale for $15.  It’s very soft and a nice size for one person.   The other pillows on that bench I already owned but were hiding in the basement.  The date is our wedding anniversary and was a gift, so it made me happy to put it to use. Sometimes simply “shopping your house” is all you need to do.

Last weekend I finally painted the guest room.  You may remember that waaay back in September of 2013, I posted about my plans for this room.  At the time my hope was to tackle this project last winter.  This winter, last winter, what’s the difference?  The good news is that I love the color and can’t wait to put the room back together and share the new look!