Sun Room Big Reveal

The big day is finally here.  The day where in photos I can take you from this:

Sun Room Before

To this:

IMG_1342 (1024x768)

Amazeballs, no?  The biggest difference is the ceiling height.  Pitching the roof to go from a 7.5′ flat ceiling to an angled ceiling with a height of just over 9′ on the high side made the room feel not only bigger, but less like porch and more like a room. Once the initial demo of the room was done, this was the first project we tackled. Here’s the post with all the details about how we pitched the roof and installed the beams.  This is what the ceiling looked like after we took down the original drop ceiling and installed the new beams but before we put the ceiling back.


And here is the ceiling once it we insulated and put the boards back up, painted, and finished out the beams.


You’ll notice that the floor in this photo also looks different.  We started with carpet that had been laid (but not nailed or glued) over old tiles.


We removed the carpet and tile (that was a crappy job!) and then installed wooden subfloor which we lived with for 6 months or so until we installed laminate flooring.


Final Floor

To get to where we were in this photo, we had to replace the old windows with shiny, fancy new ones and trim them all out.  We also had to demolish the old outdoor kitchen (another craptastic job) and then install the barn board accent wall.  Now things were starting to come together.

IMG_1136 (640x480)

This photo is taken just shy of a year into the whole project.  After we got the floor down, we added curtains and then had the chairs recovered so they matched. Add in some other furniture and a new rug and one side of the room is in business.

IMG_1181 (872x1024)

So much better than where we started!


But what about the other side?  After creating the barn board accent wall, we installed a row of cabinets and then made our own concrete counter tops to create a bar area and extra kitchen storage.


Again so much better than this.

photo (8)

The last thing we did was buy this pendant from Shades of Light to replace the temporary bulb we had over the bar.

IMG_1350 (1024x1006)

The only finish option was chrome so we spray painted the chrome parts with Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint, put the sucker back together, and hung ‘er up.  Then we high-fived each other on a job well done.  Now all that’s left to do is enjoy this room!

IMG_1355 (1024x768)


To those of you (hi mom!) who have followed along the past 17 months, thanks for sticking with us.  We’re very proud of where we ended up, even if it did take awhile to get here.

So what’s next, you ask?  Well that’s an excellent question.  We have some smaller projects in the queue for the next month or two.  Some rooms are getting painted and of course, I will share my holiday decorations.  After the first of the year, we are going to start thinking about the big kitchen reno and possibly also widening our driveway.  Both of these jobs will be decidedly less DIY than this sun room, but hopefully that means things will move a little faster.  I can’t imagine not having a kitchen for 17 months!

So what I am saying is, fear not.  There’s more home updates on the horizon!  Yay, old houses!

7 thoughts on “Sun Room Big Reveal

  1. Kate…I think you and Mark are awesome! Your sun room is truly amazing…I just can’t get over how creative and talented you both are. I can’t wait to see your next project…you give me such inspiration! (Yet, given our talents, we’d need you guys here to implement our ideas!) Thanks for sharing your home with us!

  2. Beautiful result Kate & Mark! I’m glad the old sunroom back in the day and I hope I get to meet the new sunroom soon. Happy Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving!

  3. Oh my goodness! What a beautiful room! You and Mark have worked so very hard, and the fruits of your labor will be enjoyed for many years. I’m thinking we need a Joons trip to your lovely area next Spring/Summer. We Californians don’t do winter.

    Love this, thanks Kate for giving us fun to follow.


  4. Hi Kate! My mom passed your blog on to me. I am amazed at the work you guys did and am so in love with (and jealous of) your sun room!! So fabulous…enjoy a drink out there for me! Would love to see your other projects and will be checking in on your blog!

  5. Super impressive. Thanks especially for putting in how long it took you to pull this all together. So many people think everyone online does this kind of work in a day, lol! I move along at the same pace as you all. You did a wonderful job designing this. I love every part of it. –Karen

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