A Shower for Jean

Several of my friends are expecting babies this summer and fall.  In fact one friend had a baby boy just last week!  Yesterday I co-hosted a shower for my sweet friend Jean who is expecting a baby boy of her own in just about a month.

We decided on a fox theme for the shower because Jean and her husband Adam love the book “Fantastic Mr. Fox” by Ronald Dahl and are using a fox theme in their nursery.  We ordered print your own invitations off Etsy and printed them on paper from Paper Source.

IMG_1179 (800x600)

For the table decor, I pulled the orange tones from the invitation and added navy blue because the parents-to-be met while attending UVa.

IMG_1172 (687x800) IMG_1169 (700x800)

One of the other hosts is so crafty, she created this adorable door wreath and banner.  Jean’s last name is Goldberg, so friends and family have affectionately been calling her bun “Goldbaby.”

IMG_1163 (663x800) IMG_1165 (800x562)

You might notice that the “b” in “boy” is missing in the above photo, but we caught that it had fallen off, and re-attached it before the party started.  I just didn’t get a chance to snap another photo.

The food was a combo of homemade items like deviled eggs, fruit salad, an egg, blue cheese and tomato tart, tarragon chicken salad sandwiches, and ham biscuits along with store-bought stuffed artichokes and crab cakes.  For dessert we did chocolate pots de creme which people could eat while Jean opened her presents.

IMG_1175 (800x600)

Jean sweetly offered to provide the favor and we loved the mini champagne bottles with tags that read, “Pop When Jeannie Does.”

IMG_1162 (800x478)

It was such a nice afternoon showering one of my best friends.  Today I am recovering from all of the excitement.

Oh and I’ll leave you with an update on the chairs for the sun room. Since I had planned to take last Friday off so I could get the house ready for Jean’s shower, it also gave me the opportunity to drop off the chairs at the upholstery store so they should be re-covered in about two weeks. I can’t wait to see them and share them with you guys.

Happy Summer

Hi Everyone!

How is your summer a-goin’? We have had great weather for our neck of the woods and have been enjoying it as much as we can. We joined a pool this year and it has been a great motivator to stop cleaning and working on the house and just relax and enjoy summer. We have been almost every weekend and it’s a great way to enjoy the nice weather while also saving money. (Although we paid a one-time, upfront fee, while we are at the pool we aren’t actively spending any money.)

This has allowed us to save up to reupholster the chairs in the sun room. Remember these guys?IMG_0297

I have learned that the cost for this type of work varies greatly by region.  And as we continue to realize, the cost in our area is really high.  Additionally, we have decided to have them recovered in Sunbrella fabric which, while super durable and low maintenance, is not cheap.  We are still getting quotes,but it’s looking like it will cost somewhere between $1,200 and $1,500 all told. Ouch.

With such a high price tag, we had to consider just buying new chairs as there are many options that would have been cheaper.  After alot of thought we decided to spend the extra money and have our current chairs re-done.  Here are the reasons why:

  • These were my mother’s chairs.  She gave them to me when she replaced them in her house with her mother’s chairs and I didn’t like the idea of getting rid of well-made, family furniture.
  • They are a good size for the space and they are comfortable.  Many of the new chairs we liked were larger in scale and didn’t fit the room as well.
  • Sunbrella fabric has tons upsides.  If the dogs jump on them with muddy paws, or someone spills wine or food, that’s no problem.  Plus the versatility of the fabric means we have more options for where to use them down the road.

So that’s where we are.  Saving our pennies has meant holding off on other projects as well, which has been good for us after a big year of DIY.

Getting these chairs done will be another big step towards 100% completion of the sun room. But the mismatched chairs are still functional as-is and we have fully enjoyed using the space for everything from weekend morning coffee to evening cocktails.  Last week we had 13 people over for dinner for the first time in a long time and we loved being able to have the space open to the rest of the house for easy party flow.  It was hot and humid that evening, but the AC unit worked great and you couldn’t tell that it was being cooled separately from the rest of the house.

I hope everyone is having a great summer.  As this Miller Lite commercial reminds us, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year.