The One About the Yellow Door

A few weeks ago I finally got around to painting the exterior side of our sun room door.  We are going to keep the interior side white, but thought it might be fun to put a color on the exterior side.  We wanted something bright and cheery that would compliment the brick.

I was willing to be a little daring with this paint color since this door is on the back of the house.  I thought about a limey green, red of course, as well a charcoal, black and navy like our front door.  In the end we settled on a nice bright yellow.  Nothing too mustard or too highlighter, but definitively bright and yellow.  Unlike the hallway, I didn’t over think this paint choice too much.  After living with a few chips taped to the door for about a week, we settled on Behr’s “Sunflower.”  I bought I quart in Behr Exterior Premium Plus paint in a semi-gloss finish.


I removed the hardware and started using a narrow brush on the trim between the glass.  I didn’t tape the windows off because it’s pretty easy to removed dried paint from glass with a razor blade.  I actually was able to just use the “manicure” technique of using my thumb and a paper towel to wipe up runs as I went.

IMG_1140 (558x640)

It probably took me a hour, maybe a little more, to go around each of the windows.  When I was done, I used a brush to get into the crevices of the panels before breaking out my foam rolling for the wide, flat parts.  That took about 15 minutes.

IMG_1141 (640x623)

The good news was that the window trim didn’t need a full second coat so it took about half the time to just go over it all a second time.  I did a full second coat on the rest of the door, waiting for it to try before re-installing the hardware and viola!

IMG_1157 (480x640)

The color is bright, but I like it and think it’s a fun surprise on the back of the house.

IMG_1158 (640x480)

What did everyone do this  weekend?  Any good DIY projects I should know about?