A Little of This and That

What’s up party people?  It’s been a busy month around these parts with things other than home improvement.  We haven’t finished any major projects since we got the floor down in the sun room, but this post will update ya on a couple of smaller things that we have be working on.

This first update is actually from last fall.  When we re-finished the woods floors in the house, we took the opportunity to upgrade the rug and coffee table in the family room.  This is what that space looked like before.



And here is a view of that space now.

IMG_1041 (800x600) (2)

The coffee table is from West Elm and the rug is from Pottery Barn, but it is not on their website anymore.

West Elm Table

I looked for a long time for a table with a light top and non-wood base.   Ideally it would have also had a lower shelf, but I couldn’t find one that had one that I liked.  I figure I can always add a basket or something under the table if I want more storage, but after using it for over 6 months, so far, I haven’t wanted it.  I like that it’s a bit more modern looking than our old coffee table and so far we haven’t had any issues with the unfinished mango wood top.  We have spilled liquid on it once or twice (nothing dark) and wiped it up right away each time.  When the wood dried, there was no stain.  We are still considering trying to apply some type of sealant for extra piece of mind, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

The next update is the start of what I previously alluded to as my “winter project.”  Even though it is March 16 and this project still isn’t complete, I don’t feel defeated because it’s still snowing here in NoVa and snow=winter so I haven’t failed yet in my book.  Over President’s Weekend I took the first step in jazzing up our entry/stairway by painting over the tan wall paint in preparation for a new light grey/silver color.  Instead of buying a gallon of primer, I thought I would just use white paint since I have a bunch of it from the sun room walls.  Here is what the project looked like about 1/4 of the way through.

IMG_1000 (2)


I did two coats which was enough to cover the tan paint, but you would need three if you weren’t going to just paint over it.  This project has slogged along since then because I am having a really hard time finding the perfect shade of grey.  Once I find the right one, I will have a whole post on that bag of drama.  But for now we move on.

The last little update is the concrete steps that lead from the house to the sun room.  They were bad shape.

IMG_1037 (2)


But after a little sanding a three coats of concrete paint in Anew Grey by Sherwin Williams, it is looking like this.



Much better, no?   Here is the view of the other step.

IMG_1038 (2)


So that’s the 411 on some smaller projects we have tackled in the last 6 months or so.  Our next project is finally finishing the entry/stairway as soon as I can settle on a paint color. Hopefully I will be back next week with an update on that.


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