The Heat is On

I am delighted to announce that our sun room is now officially a real sun room, and no longer a “three-season Florida room” as it was described when we bought the house.

This past Tuesday the high here was in the single digits.  Something about a polar vortex, I really can’t even talk about it. The good news is that our sun room was closer to the temperature inside rather than outside thanks to this guy.


That’s our Mitsubishi Mr. Slim HVAC unit and he’s keeping this room a balmy 60ish degrees despite the fact that’s it’s much colder outside.  Actually it was so cold this past week, that we turned it off during the coldest days because it really is only supposed to function properly in temperatures above 20 degrees.  We normally don’t get much colder than that so we aren’t worried too much about having to turn it off often.

I have talked about our plans for installing this guy here and the stars finally aligned on New Year’s Day for it to happen.  I am not going to go into too much detail on how to install the system because Mark said that this This Old House video was really helpful for anyone looking to install one themselves.

The thing is really quiet and, as you can see from the picture below, it blends into the wall pretty well.


Here is a close up of the unit on the wall on the inside.


And here is what the outside part of the unit looks like.

IMG_0955 (800x600)

We created a little brick patch just outside the side door to the sun room for the unit to sit on. It is very close to the AC unit for the rest of the house as well as the electric meter.  All the tubes and lines etc. run out from this hole next to the inside unit…

IMG_0946 …and down the outside of the house like this.

IMG_0956 (750x800)It’s hard to express how nice it has been to have that room temperature controlled.  It is going to be so nice to have the extra space to use year round.

The next step towards completion is the flooring.  We have gone round and round about what to do and we still aren’t 100% sure, but I think we’re close to making a for real decision.  I will let you know where we land as soon as we pull the trigger.