Sun Room, Where You At?


Welcome to threenineohfive.  If you followed my last blog, you know that we are about 75% of the way through the renovation of our sun room.  If you’re new, you can check out where we started here.

When last we posted about our progress, we were essentially here.


And now we are essentially here.


Basically we are talking about alot of painting.  Usually painting isn’t a long process, but when you have a 40 linear feet of window trim and 30 linear feet of brick plus some other random surfaces, it slows you up a bit.  Oh and painting overhead is never fun.  Here’s how we did it.

First we primed all the unpainted brick, wooden beams, and other surfaces that didn’t already have a coat of paint on them.  Then we applied two coats of Benjamin Moore’s Simply White in semi-gloss to all the trim, the beams, and the walls.  This is the same color and gloss type as the trim in all the rest of the house, so everything in the sun room matches the two doors that lead out to it from the house.  We chose white for two reasons.  One, we wanted the “interior features” i.e. the walls and the window trim to fade away as much as possible and we thought white would be the best way to achieve that.  And two, there are so many different surfaces on the wall that connects the room to the house, we wanted something that would blend them all together as best as possible.

It took at least 8 hours and over 3 gallons of paint to complete this process.  The brick really soaks up the paint, and painting all that trim three times is a real time suck.  The good news is, we’re done!

The other thing we did a bit earlier this fall when the weather outside wasn’t as frightful, was finish up the exterior components by installing aluminum soffit and trim.  Here’s what the eave looked like awhile back after we had drilled holes in the ceiling before installing insulation so that the could escape.  More about that here.


And here is what it looks like now that the soffit has been installed.


Here’s what the outside of the windows looked like before the aluminum trim.


And here is what they look like now.


Originally we planned to hire these two jobs out. Since Mark didn’t have any experience bending aluminum like this and we didn’t have the large piece of equipment needed to do so, hiring a pro seemed like the right way to go.  We thought it might cost around $1,500 for the job, but every quote we got was for alot more.  (One guy wanted almost $4,000!)  So after watching some videos on YouTube and finding a place that would rent the machine for about $200/week, Mark decided he could DIY.  He actually rented the machine and did the work the same week our floors were being re-done.  This actually worked out well for a number of reasons.  We were blessed with great fall weather that week and he could work outside every day.  And since we were living in ta hotel,  it gave the dogs a chance to run around each evening for a couple of hours while Mark worked on the siding.  It turns out to be a pretty simple and straightforward process and the results look professional.  We are so glad we didn’t spend the money hiring someone else to do it!

The next step out here is to get some temperature control going on.  As nice as the room looks in the photo above, it’s been too cold to use it since we finished painting.  We had a cold November and with winter upon us, all our hard work will be for not if we don’t get some heat up in this room A-SAP!  We’re going with a Mitsubishi duct-less heating and air combo.  Mark had experience with these overseas when he was in the military and the AC only ones are popular in Hawaiian homes where central air is not common, so we’re pretty sure we’re going to like what we’re going to get.

Although the price on the link above is more, our unit ended up costing just about $1,350.  What has held us up is installation.  Apparently, in our area, according to the contractor that was referred to us by Home Depot, the cost of installation STARTS at $4,800.  STARTS, people.  My head is still spinning.  Based on the fact that it took this contractor almost a month to call after we requested that someone contact us, I can only assume that they aren’t hurting for work.  Aye, NoVA!

So once again, we’re going the DIY route.  That means we’ll have to spend some extra money on tools and some time on YouTube learning how to install the thing properly, but I am sure Mark will do a bang up job as always.

Given the trouble we’ve had with getting the HVAC installed, it’s unlikely that we’ll reach our informal goal of having the room ready for Christmas dinner.  We never planned on being 100% done by Christmas, but we did  hope that the room would be usable and without heat, it’s probably not going to be.  Wah, wah.

So that’s the current state of the sun room.  Next week I will share with your our holiday decorations this year and I have lots of other posts in the hopper about other things we have been up to, stay tuned!

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