Remember When I Did Blogging?

It has been a crazy couple of weeks at the Fulling house.  My new floors are magnificent and I am so glad that we had them done, but a few words of reality…

This was a huge job.  This was basically a move, but without a new floor plan at the end.  We simply didn’t have the funds or the logistical flexibility to do this project before we moved into the house, but if you do, don’t think twice; do it!

Having to move everything out of the two main floors of the house (including all the kitchen appliances) and then having to move them all back two weeks later was super hard.  And it was much harder to move back than to move out.  When you move back you have to be more careful of the floors.  That’s a  no-brainer.  What’s less obvious is how much time it will take you because you’ll be constantly fighting the urge to re-think every room as you put it back together.  You’ll find yourself standing in a half-empty room with boxes and dust all around you thinking, “maybe the mirror should go on this wall…”

We started moving back in one week ago today and, despite putting in 2-4 hours after work for five days and a solid 10-12 hours on each weekend day, we still aren’t completely done.  My desk area is a mess and there’s still a large box of clothes in my bedroom that I haven’t touched.  Oh, and I’m exhausted in every sense of the word.

You see in addition to the floor undertaking, I have also started a new job.  Now, instead of being gone from the house about 9 hours a day, I’m gone at least 11 and often 12 or 13.  So my time to do “house things” has decreased about 10-12 hours a week as well.  Not a great combo.

The good news is we are almost out of the woods with the floor project and that’s a major relief.  By the end of the weekend our house will be put back as well as it can be and we can move on to other things, like the sun room…’memba him!

But it hasn’t been all moving and re-decorating.  We have managed to do a couple of other small projects related to the yard and the sun room.  I just haven’t managed to blog about them yet, but I promise I will soon.

So, dear reader, in conclusion I want to thank you for your patience during this busy time.  Please know that I have missed writing to you and I look forward to making it a regular habit in the very near future!

With Love and Aloha,


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