It’s Like We Were Never Here

Our house is empty on the two main floors.  Well, empty minus the two flooring guys and their massive sanders.

We got everything moved out this weekend.  Here’s what it looks like.                                   Image


The dogs are convinced we’re moving and have been especially concerned with being right under foot, which is tricky when you’re trying to carry a bunch of stuff up and down stairs. We keep re-assuring them that everything is fine and we’re not going to live in a van down by the river.

Of course, our house isn’t completely empty.  There’s the armoire we’ve shoved in the bathroom.                                                                                                                                 Image

And well, the sun room…                                                                                                          Image

The garage…                                                                                                                            Image

And of course, the basement, which will be our home for a week after we are allowed back in on Friday.  We’re at a hotel until then.                                                                                 Image

But what about the kitchen?  After we removed the old construction felt paper, this is what we were looking at.                                                                                                                   Image

We bought a roll of new construction felt paper and put it down last Thursday.  Then the floor guys came Friday morning and installed the new oak floor.                                             IMG_0807

Isn’t she purdy?  We can’t wait to see it all stained and sealed.  It only took them about three hours to install and we could walk on it all weekend, we just obviously wanted to avoid getting it wet or overly dirty.

This morning the floor guys showed up to start sanding.  But before the got to work, they sanded down a strip in the living/dining room and showed us some stain samples.             IMG_0817

Sorry about what looks like water spots on the photo above, it is actually dust particles in the air being caught by the flash.  Once the wood was bare, they showed us four samples.IMG_0823v2

It was definitely a Goldilocks moment as we pondered which stain was “juuust riiiight” for us.  We immediately ruled out English Chestnut as being too red.  Soon after we agreed that Provincial was a little too red as well.  That left Dark Walnut and Jacobean as our contenders.  Mark has liked Jacobean from the beginning, but I wanted something a little warmer.  To Mark, the Dark Walnut and the Jacobean looked about the same, but to me the Dark Walnut seems a bit warmer without compromising on depth of color and without any unwanted red tones.  Since he couldn’t see this difference he said I could choose so Dark Walnut it is!

We are so excited to see our choice on the whole floor, but there’s quite a bit of sanding to do first.  The floor guys said that the will most likely start staining tomorrow afternoon. Wahoo!

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