A Look Ahead

Anyone who knows me will tell you that my mind (and my mouth) are always going a million miles a minute.  My ability to “be in the now” is pretty much nonexistent.  I am so incredibly excited about what we’re doing in the sun room and I am thrilled that we’re finally refinishing our wood floors and running them into the kitchen.

Unfortunately, these two enormous projects are not enough for my unquiet mind.  I’ve already spent a great deal of time thinking about what I have been calling our “winter” projects.  I have set these aside for the winter because they are all indoor projects.  I don’t go outside in winter.  Period.  Winter is mean.

The good news for Mark is that these projects are pretty much decoration only.  No hard labor.  Mark has worked so hard this spring and summer, he deserves a break and a chance to do other things like tinker with motorcycles or shoot skeet or whatever he wants.

But for me, I have big plans for our stairwell and upstairs.  The stairwell currently looks like this.                                                                                                                                            Image                                                                  The walls are beige and that’s about all that’s going on.  This is what you see right in front of you when you walk in the front door so I would like to make it more visually interesting.  I am planning on doing a frame collage to start and want to also explore a board and batten detail.  This part would most likely mean help from Mark so it may not happen this winter, but before I do anything, I am going to paint.

This beige color (Benjamin Moore’s “Berber White” in half tint) covers the walls in both bedrooms as well as the stair well. It’s a nice, neutral color but I am so in love with all the grey that I am seeing in homes lately, that I want to give it a try.  Here’s what I am envisioning.                                                                                                                         Image

I would like to carry this light, silver/grey color into the master bedroom as well.  Here’s the mood board I am working on for in there.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Image

In the guest bedroom, I am going for a more traditional look.  There’s both an antique trunk and armoire in there and the bedding is a pretty floral.   Here’s a current photo.                     Image

I would really like to do a burlap headboard so I am thinking of painting the walls a pale greyish green and adding this ruffle curtain to the window.                                                     Image

So that’s the plan for the winter.  I am going to start with finding the right grey and painting the stairwell, upstairs hallway, and master bedroom.  Then I am going to start on my frame collage project.  From there I think I am going to head into the guest room since I am really close to “finishing” that room with some new paint and window treatments.  Last, but not least I am hoping to start tackling the master bedroom.  There’s a good chance that I don’t get to this as it’s a big project and I don’t know if I will have the time or the money before spring rolls around, but we’ll see.  

As for the here and now, we’re going to use the two upcoming weekends of house disarray to do some outdoor projects. Mark is going to install the flashing and gutters to the outside of the sun room and I am going to dig up the garden beds that we are going to relocate and remove.  Then we are going to do some lawn care before the leaves start dropping.  But first, we’ve got some furniture to move!

Have a great rest of your week and weekend. I will be back next week with a recap of the kitchen floor install and our outdoor pursuits!

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