A House In The Village

My parents recently put their house on the market.


I lived in this house from 11 to 18 years old.  It was such a fun house to be a kid in because it had a pool, basketball court, and a billiards table.                                                                                                             Image


My parents were always willing to let us have friends over so I have alot of memories of playing and growing up in that house.  This is the kitchen, isn’t it amazing?  Alot of great food has been made in here.


However, as empty-nesters, my parents simply don’t need that much space anymore so it’s time for the house to be sold to someone who will fill it up with kids and fun again.

This was my bedroom growing up.  Back in the day it was peach and seafoam green with wall paper.  This is much better no?


And this is the bathroom that I shared with my brother.  It’s also been updated since we lived there.  I love the beachy feel.  I think it’s perfect for kids.                                                                                                    Image

Many of you have been to this house and have fond memories of it yourself.  It is a great place for friends and family to gather and I firmly believe that all the good vibes that live in the walls will stay with the house when my parents leave.

Julia over at Hooked on Houses does a regular feature where she features reader’s houses who are currently for sale all over the world.  I submitted my parent’s house to be included in her most-recent roundup and I was so happy to see that she did.

There’s alot of great houses in this roundup so check it out to see what your money can get you in different areas.  And if you’re interested in more info on my parent’s pad, here’s a link to the redfin listing.  Once my parents get their house sold, they are planning to buy a much smaller home in the same area and are looking forward to putting their stamp on a new space as well.  I am excited for them and will definitely chronicle their adventures here on the blog as well.

As for what’s going on at our house.  We pulled up the kitchen floor over the weekend and found some interesting things.  I will have a full recap on that tomorrow.  Spoiler Alert: it involves the purchase of a new tool Mark is really loving.  We’re getting really excited for our floor adventure!

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