Receiving Junk Mail In Style

Okay you guys, file this project under “Seriously, what took you so long?”  Back in the spring when we did our front yard makeover, I wanted to finish the project by upgrading our mailbox.  Our mailbox is affixed to the front of our house near the front door.  I think it’s charming that our postal worker delivers our mail on foot.  I’m sure that’s one of the reasons they’re broke, but I like it.

Here’s what our mailbox looked like pre-face lift. Image

Like most things in our house, it’s a little worn, but still in good shape.  After a quick search of the Internet, I determined that there wasn’t anything out there that I liked better that didn’t cost an arm and a leg so I set my sights on a rehab assignment.

Again, this was back in April.  Months went by and for one reason or another I could never find the time to do it.  Then this weekend, I just decided to go for it even though we had company visiting and a full social schedule on the agenda.

I removed the mailbox from the stone using a flat head screwdriver.Image


Once I had it off the wall, I took it inside and wiped it down with vinegar to get off any dust and cobwebs.                                                                                                Image


Once I had it cleaned off, I took it out into the yard and placed it on top of a large cardboard piece that I keep for these type of projects.                                       Image

*Side Note:  I hate shopping and order alot of stuff online.  I get dog food and other household supplies from and their sister site  If you’re like me and hate the store, check them out.  The extra bonus is you’ll get a big cardboard box like this.

Then I got out my can of oil rubbed bronze spray paint and got to spraying.Image


Once I got the front side sprayed, I brought it into the sun room and let it dry overnight. Since it was a holiday weekend, I was able to start on a Sunday and finish on Monday without confusing our mailman.  

Here’s the backside which was in even worse shape than the front.Image


The good news is that the metal took the spray paint really well and it only took about 3 light-medium coats of paint to cover all the old rust and stains.  Once the back side was dry, I put it back on the wall and admired my handiwork.Image


Again, here’s where we started.                                                                              Image


Much better, yes?  I can’t believe how easy it was.  The whole project took less than an hour outside of drying time.  I am so glad that I finally went ahead and took the plunge.  I have a couple of fall decorating plans for the porch that I plan to tackle at the end of the month and I am glad that I kicked off the season with this project. Here’s what the front porch looks like now.                                                               Image


It looks pretty good in this photo, but let me keep it real for you.  The flowers in the yellow planters lasted about 2 weeks and never bloomed again, so the planters didn’t have as much color as I had hoped for.  I’ll be trying something new next year.  The fern is on it’s last legs as we haven’t had a much luck keeping these guys as lush and full the past two summers as we did the first.  But I still think it’s the best option for our sunless porch.  I’ll be looking into some fertilizer or something I can mix in next year.  And the porch light still doesn’t work.  So there’s that.

In the good news column, everything we planted in the spring is still doing well.  I think the cool (for us) summer helped.  I will be back later this week with a more detailed update on how our front yard makeover is doing 5 months later.

Did everyone have a nice, long weekend?  We did, but I’m exhausted!


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