Getting Trim

Update: We’re still in love with our new windows.  Okay, moving on.

This past weekend was spent starting to install wood trim around each of the windows. There’s a lot to trim, y’all.

As a metaphor, trim is kinda like a snazzy rain coat.  It hides whatever messy-ness you have going on under neath and keeps you dry.  You caulk the windows, of course, but the trim makes everything seamless and lovely.  Here’s where we started on the long run on windows before we started to add trim.IMG_0579

And now with some trim.IMG_0601

Besides there being alot to trim, there was also an issue with getting a wood piece that would cover the larger 4×4″ posts that run every few windows.  IMG_0579_V2

They don’t sell a board 4″ wide in the thickness we needed at Home Depot so Mark borrowed a plane saw from our neighbor and planed down a thicker board that was the right width.  While we were grateful that our neighbor had this handy tool, the job was still messy, time-consuming, challenging, and loud.

To do this, Mark drew a line on the wood that designated how much he needed to remove to achieve the right thickness.IMG_0591

This is what the bottom of the planer saw looks like.  IMG_0593

Basically it works like a cheese slicer to shave off a thin slice of wood.IMG_0596

Here is a shot of Mark using it.IMG_0594

As I mentioned, it’s very loud and creates alot of sawdust, but it did get the job done.

So that’s where we’re at currently, working through all the trim.  It will likely take another week and a half to two weeks to get everything done.  The good news is rather than post boring trim updates for the next two weeks, I’ve got a couple other posts in the hopper. We have some new kitchen lights I am excited to share with you and I’ve got at least 200 words on door knobs I know you are dying to read, so get excited for that.

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