They’re In and They’re Spectacular!

Woot Woot!  Our new windows are installed.  Also, our new doors, more on that in a minute.  We knew that the difference between the 20+-year-old jalousie pane windows we had before and our new bright white vinyl double hung windows was going to be night and day and boy were we right!

Here’s what the view looked like from the sun room into the yard with the old (5)

And here’s what it looks like now.IMG_0579

I’ve got more pretty “after” pictures to show you but before I do, how about a little “how it happened?”  To take the panes out Mark cranked the windows open so that the panes were not touching one another. Then he carefully pried each pane out of its holding clip. IMG_0524

To remove the frames, Mark used a pry bar and pried the frames away from the header beam on top and away from the posts on the side. Then he just pulled them out.

We were originally going to give the windows to a friend to use in a green house, but the mechanics of the windows were held together by cheap/old rivet joints that came apart during the pane removal. We were sad that they couldn’t be recycled as is, but we were able to take the frames to the scrap/recycling yard and collect $30 bucks. We are still thinking of creative ways we could use some of the old glass panes, so we are holding onto those for now.IMG_0558

After the old window panes and frames were removed, the space felt so open and airy.IMG_0534

Since it has been an unusually pleasant summer here in the mid-atlantic, it felt nice to have the room open like a porch, but we knew come January that we would be grateful for the insulation the windows provide.  So we forged ahead.

Last weekend Mark’s brother Matt came over both Saturday and Sunday to help with the work.  Mark was still really grateful to have him there.  As identical twins, they tend to think alike and Mark appreciated being able to run plans and ideas by his brother.

They started setting the windows on the side of the room opposite where the old kitchen was. That wall would have two windows that flank a door.  Originally, we weren’t planning to replace the doors at the same time we replaced the windows just as cost saving thing, but that plan changed when the boys suddenly realized that the doors didn’t actually have frames, they were just attached to the window frames.  Cue the sad trombone.IMG_0537

So off the Home Depot the boys went to get some exterior doors.  The door from the kitchen to the sun room has windows in the top section, so that was the style we were looking for.  These guys fit the bill for about $200 each.IMG_0545

Before they could install the new door, they needed to remove the bulkhead that had been built down to accommodate the old door.IMG_0535

Now that whole wall was completely wide open.IMG_0543

But the new door was a little too wide for the opening, so the boys had to remove a piece of bead board from each side.




Then they put the door in place and built a new bulkhead for the top. IMG_0557

After the door was set, it was time for the windows.  What I learned from watching is that getting them set level is really important.  You can’t just set them on the top of the wall and screw them in.  I know a lot of people know this, but it was somewhat news to me.  Mostly, I had just never thought about it before.

The boys took a long time with each window to make sure they were setting it level.  They used wood shims and of course, a level (it actually took two!) to make sure they had everything the way they wanted it before screwing into the posts.IMG_0562


 Here’s what that wall looked like when it was done.IMG_00000136_hdr

They continued this precise method of leveling with shims around the room until we had this.




Isn’t it glorious?  I’m in love.

Although the windows are installed, we’re not quite done with the part of the project. We need to insulate around each window and door before adding trim pieces to get rid of all the gaps.  I’m not sure how much work we’ll be getting done this weekend, but it would probably be good to get all the windows sealed before we get a big storm so hopefully we will at least work towards that goal.

Have a great weekend everyone!

6 thoughts on “They’re In and They’re Spectacular!

  1. Wow! I’m so impressed! Those “boys” (lol) really know what they’re doing! You’re so lucky to have them both around. Who is the one with his arm in a sling? Where is the scrap yard where you all could turn that in? That’s a good idea. Our idea of that level of DIY is “a phone and a check,” as in, I find the right vendor, make the phone call, and write the check at the end of the project.

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