Removing Concrete

The concrete patio/floor is no more!  It was actually easier that we anticipated, taking less than a day to remove.  Mark rented a concrete saw for about $90 for the day and it did a great job of cutting the concrete into removable chunks.  Here’s what the saw looked like.


Originally the plan was just to cut the concrete down below the floor joists and then spread new concrete over top to level it off with the height of the wood joists, but ultimately Mark decided it would be easier, more cost-effective, and better for the over all performance of the floor, if he removed the concrete entirely and ran wooden floor joists the length of the space.

So to do that, Mark ran the saw as deep as it would go into the concrete slab about every 6-8″, working from the door of the kitchen to the door outside.


Then he ran the saw as deep as it would go about half way across the width of the slab.


From there, he used a sledge hammer to bust the middle two pieces completely apart, allowing access to the other sections.


Now Mark could use both the wedge and the sledge hammer to rip out the other pieces of concrete.  We don’t have pictures of him doing this as he was the only one home at the time, but here’s what it looks like once most of the pieces had been pulled up.


Mark’s brother and sister-in-law were nice enough to come over and help him haul and the concrete pieces and debris to his truck.  He took it to the dump at a cost of $30.  It still stings to have to pay to throw stuff away, but we didn’t have any alternative with these big blocks.

So now the entire area where the old kitchen and patio used to be is completely gone.


This means we will have to run floor joists all the way to the back wall, but that will ultimately make the floor more solid under foot.

You might be wondering what are plans for the floor are.  Tomorrow I’ll give the you inside scoop.  See you then!

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