Grinding to a Halt

We are in the dog days of summer here in the mid Atlantic. The stifling summer heat and humidity has arrived and our motivation to move forward with demo seems to have left with the last dash of cool air. Additionally, we’ve had some pretty fun social plans recently that we just couldn’t pass up. More on those below.

After we finished painting the sun room ceiling, we started to demolish this guy.Image

This is the outdoor kitchen that we think may be original to the house. Obviously, it was there before the sun room as it is a outdoor kitchen and it’s clear that the flooring under and around it is not the same as the rest of the room. It boasts some interesting “features.” Come with me in the way, way back machine and I will show you.Image

This is the “command center” for the two electric burners that our home inspector said work, but we probably shouldn’t use. Uh yeah.


Here are the two said electric burners. The electric power for these actually comes from the wall to the kitchen.


I have no idea why there are two holes in the brick and I really don’t know how these two ovens? BBQs? worked, but here’s a close up of he middle cooking vessels.Image

When you open them now, it’s just an empty hole to the floor, so again no idea. We’re pretty sure that this little set up was that cat’s pajamas in 1948 or whenever it was built, but it’s not exactly what people think of when you say “outdoor kitchen” today. Not to mention it’s no longer outdoors. *Ahem. 

So we said our good byes and Mark got out the sledge hammer and crow bar. Image

We’ve made some progress, but not as much as we’d like. The brick is really hard to work loose, so it’s slow going in terms of getting it into small pieces. Here’s what it has looked like for about a week now.


You can also see in this picture what I meant about the “ovens”, the empty middle area between the two columns of bricks is where they were.  Talk about doors to nowhere. 

The reason we haven’t made more progress is pretty much two-fold. One, Mark has had to tend to some no longer can be ignored yard duty. It has rained so much here this spring and summer that finding a time to mow can be a challenge. Plus the side of our yard is so wet that mold and mildew are starting to set it. Mark literally had to scrub the brick sidewalk with bleach and a wire brush, I can’t imagine that was awesometown in the summer heat.

The other reason is a packed social calendar. One of the highlights was last Sunday when we went to see an Orioles game


We were guests of my brother-in-law who was a guest of the Orioles thanks to the Yellow Ribbon Fund. We were allowed on the field before the game to meet a few players and take pictures. We sat in a suite, which was so nice on the super hot day, and we were even treated to a home town win!

We don’t have as much going on this weekend and the temperatures are supposed to cool off a bit so hopefully we’ll make more progress on our outdoor kitchen demo and have some updates for ya next week. Until then, stay cool!

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