The Ceiling is Painted!


When we last left our new sun room ceiling she was a looking like this.Image

Now here’s where we play a little game of connect the dots. The ceiling boards are held to the rafters with nails. Nails create holes in the wood where they go through it. Those holes are unsightly….anyone see where I am going with this? Before we could paint the ceiling I was informed by my contractor slave driver husband, that they had to be filled before we could paint. *wop wop.*

So we got out this stuff.Image

Put on our latex gloves and started to fill each and every nail hole with a bit of the putty. In an effort to not have to go back and sand the entire ceiling because sanding something that’s above you might as well be water boarding, we used a putty knife to scrape off the excess putty as we went. Here’s Mark filling the holes with the putty.Image

And then scraping away the excess spackling to create a smooth surface.Image

It took us about two hours working together to get all the holes filled.  Here’s a shot a one row of nail holes once they were done.Image

Now that we had the holes filled, it was time to prime the ceiling for paint. There are lots of primers on the market and these days many of them are no/low voc (meaning less ordors and other bad things.) I have heard good things about many of these including this one, but I chose to go with the fully leaded stuff for the following reasons:

  • Since we weren’t using it indoors or around kids/pets/pregnant people, I wasn’t overly concerned with fumes.
  • I’m fairly confident my 1948 house is full of worse things than primer.
  • I really didn’t want to have to do more than one coat and as I mentioned before, the old boards were pretty badly stained. I was worried that the water based stuff might not cover as well.
  • Cost. The old school stuff is about $3 a gallon less.

I chose Kilz Original Primer, Sealer, and Stainblocker.Image

There’s no pictures of the priming process because I was afraid I would get primer on the camera. Since it’s oil based primer, you can’t wash it off with water. You need mineral spirits or some other paint stripper. It was a messy, but not terribly difficult job. We bought an extension roller so that you wouldn’t need to use a ladder for most of it. And since I was just looking to get some general coverage and stain blocking, I didn’t edge any of the corners or creases, so it was just rolling straight across the ceiling. Here’s what it looked like when I was finished.Image

And here’s what I looked like.


I think the ceiling may have won this round. But the good news is the primer did a great job of covering the stained boards and everything looked great and ready for paint.

I did need to edge the corners and creases between boards on this step, so I started with by doing that and then rolled over it. I did this in stages so I would edge and trim between two of the beams, then roll that section, before moving to the next.  Image

I did two sections by myself and then Mark helped with the last three. It went alot faster with me edging and Mark rolling. When we finished, we sat back and admired our work.Image

We love the color. It’s not too dark or too light, too green, or too grey, or too blue. It looks great from inside the rest of the house. We’re smitten. The other good news is that it only took one coat.

So we’re pretty much done with the ceiling for the time being. Much to the cheers of our neck, back, and shoulders. We still need to trim out the beams and paint those white, but we will wait on that for now.

So now we are onto the floor and the brick counter/kitchen. These look to be big jobs in terms of demo so we’ll see how far we get this week/weekend. You know we’ll let you know how it goes!

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