All Over the Board

We are making good progress on the sun room. We’ve started putting the ceiling back up and we like the way it looks so far. Depending on how our weekend shakes out, we may be able to get it done, but we’ll see.  

As you can probably tell from the posts and pictures, Mark is doing most of the work so far on this project. The demo and re-build are his areas of expertise. I just follow his orders and try not to mess anything up!

It’s been so fun to see the results of such a large renovation. Obviously, we haven’t taken down any walls or anything, but increasing the ceiling height has already made the room feel like a much different space and that’s got my mind revved up thinking about design and decor ideas.

And since we’re not ready to think about things like paint colors, furniture, decor, etc. in this room, I find that my mind keeps turning to other rooms in the house; rooms that don’t have the guts torn out of them. These are also rooms that, until the start of this reno, I generally liked. However, lately I’ve decided that every room in the house is a nightmare in need of an overhaul. Here’s a small list of the things I can’t stop thinking about:

  • We have to replace the living room coffee and end tables. (Too much wood!  Too dark!  Too beat up!  How can we live like this?!)
  • We have to start decorating our master bedroom. (This is the room that we sleep in and it’s hideous!  How can we live like this?!)
  • We’ve got to get better window treatments for the guest room. (It has            V-I-N-Y-L blinds!  How can our guests live like this?!)
  • We need to re-tile our master bath. (It’s 65 year old tile! How many showers can that be? How can we live like this!)

As you can see, I’m having trouble staying focused on the task at hand. And all of the above is addition to general researching/googling/pinteresting I do on a regular basis for things like general room ideas, paint colors, tile and flooring options, etc. So yeah, I’m becoming a little obsessed. (BTW, my mother will tell you that my tendency to obsess over something until I “get it right” is in no way a new phenomena.)

But since it’s important that we stay focused on the sun room, I’m filing away all my ideas and resisting the urge to poke Mark about my other “ideas.”  Ok, the last part isn’t entirely true, but I’m trying to keep them to one a day.

Anyone out there have any ideas on how to stay focused and not have the reno of one room make you h-a-t-e the rest of the your house?  My sanity and my pocketbook will thank you!


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