Sun Room Update: Feeling Insulated

When we last left the sun room, she had been stripped and left (somewhat) naked while Mark and I went back to our day jobs.  Last week we gave her some breathing room, a chance to shine, and some climate control. Lost? Let me explain.

After installing the support beams seen hereImage

We needed to give the ceiling some airflow before installing new insulation.  I, of course, never thought about this, but the point of insulation is trap the hot or cold air and keep it from entering the room. Therefore, there needs to be someplace for the unwanted air to go.  Enter these holes.Image

It’s hard to tell because that shot is such a close-up, but these are above the windows on the outside wall. They allow for air to exit the room into the outside ceiling overhang which will be covered by soffits eventually. Here’s a view of those same holes from the back patio looking in.Image

After Mark got those holes drilled, it was time to decide on the location of the overhead electrical. This is little tricky when you don’t have the furniture in the room, but after talking over the options, we decided to center the ceiling fan on the window that looks back into the rest of the house and the chandelier in between the doors from the family room and the kitchen.

IMG_0384 IMG_0389

Here’s what the junction box looked like once it was installed.Image

In addition to the spots in the ceiling for the overhead fan and the chandelier, we also installed an electrical box over what eventually will be the bar area so that we can have a pendant light there as well.  Even though pendant lights are a nice decorative touch, I would have preferred pot lighting over the bar, but we just didn’t have the depth in the ceiling to install them.  You need about 6 inches of space between the ceiling and the roof and we only have about 3 or 4.  So we’ll try to install some task lights under the upper cabinets and a pendant in the center of the counter top when we get to that stage.

Once we had the placed wired for sound electrical, we were ready to install the insulation.  Originally our plan was to use this stuff throughout the ceiling, but it turns out that it is quite a bit pricier than the old-fashioned fiberglass stuff so we went with the cheaper option.  It turned out to be easier to install than we expected so were happy to save the moolah.

Before the insulation went up, Mark added these polystyrene venting thingys.  Strangely, I couldn’t find them on the Home Depot website (although that’s where we got them) so I don’t have a link, but here’s what they look like installed.Image

Basically this also helps with ventilation and the fiberglass insulation goes right over top.Image

It wasn’t hard to staple the insulation to the rafters, but Mark is a little sick of working over his head.  Luckily, we should be ready to re-install the ceiling boards later this week and then we’ll be done having to look up and work overhead for awhile.  Woo Hoo!  Here’s what the ceiling looks like now with the installation installed.



I will be back later this week with another update.  Right this second, we don’t really have any other projects going on so it’s kinda KSRM here right now.  You know, all sun room, all the time.  Stay tuned!

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