Shine Bright Like A Diamond

This is the story of a little half bath that could.  

The main level of our house has a little half bath that is “of an era.”  Meaning it looks exactly like it did in 1948 when it was built.  Green Carrera glass? Check.  Original sink? Check. Black and white basket weave tile floor?  Check. 

Mark absolutely loves this bathroom for all it’s “original charm.”  Our compromise when we moved in was that this bathroom will stay “original” and we will eventually update the other “of an era” upstairs bath since the Carrera glass in there isn’t as pretty of a color and the bathroom as a whole gets more use (read: is in worse shape.)

However, that doesn’t mean the half bath didn’t need a little sprucing.  The first thing that had to go was a curtain made of out this this fabric.


It was covering what used to be a window to the backyard, until the sun room was added. Now it’s a window to the sun room which, well awkward.  So we sealed the exterior window well in the sun room with hard styrofoam.  Here’s a picture of it from the sun room.  


We covered it with a large mirror which we took down before we started the reno out there.  The mirror didn’t quite cover the opening (as I point out in this post) but I have plans to fix that, yo.

The hard styrofoam seems to block the sound from the bathroom to the sun room pretty well so we’re happy with that solution, but the ivy fabric curtain that covered the window in the bathroom had to go.  (Sorry, I don’t have a picture of this for you, I never took one before I replaced the curtain.)

We wanted a dark fabric for our replacement curtain so there was less a chance you could see the styrofoam through it.  My mom lives in the Los Angeles area and is quite familiar with LA’s downtown fabric district, so she hunted down a pretty black and white damask fabric and had a curtain made for us.  Here’s what it looks like.


Much better than the ivy fabric whose green in no way matched the green glass walls which as you can see, are a pretty jade green.  

Then I added this Breakfast at Tiffany’s print that I have had since college and we were really starting to go places!


See what I mean.



The next thing we did was replace the faucet.  I don’t have a picture of the old one from this sink, but it was the same as the one we still have in our upstairs bath and it looks like this.


While the faucet might be original, the hot and cold handles are not. The knobs on our shower fixture, which appear to be original, are the cross bar style so we decided to try and find a new faucet and knobs with this detail.  We found one for a good price at and Mark bought it for me for Christmas two years ago.  They don’t sell the exact same one anymore, but this one is pretty close.  Here’s what the sink looked like once we got it installed.


Now, we’re talking!  I loved the way the room was coming together, but it wasn’t quite “wowza” yet.  The next thing that was staring at me, giving me “the look” was this guy.


Ever since I saw an episode of Sarah’s House where sidekick Tommy called these types of overhead lights “boob lights,” it’s all I can think about when I see one.  This was the only one in our house and it had to go.

Mark and I both agreed that something with a little “bling” would be perfect in the space.  I liked the idea of something that mimicked the look and the shape of the chandeliers in the the Breakfast at Tiffany’s print, but Mark thought that was a bit “too much.”  So I scoured the Interwebs looking for something that we could not only agree on looks wise, but also wouldn’t break the bank.  Entire, this lovely lady from Urban Outfitters.


Blingy?  Check.  Mark approved?  Check.  Easy on the wallet?  Check.  We had ourselves a winner.  It is a great deal at $59 + free shipping but it didn’t come with a cord kit so we grabbed this guy from Lowes to make it a pendant instead of a chandelier.  Then Mark got to work installing and when he was done, viola!


And here’s how it looks with the rest of the room.


Looking good, amirite?  We love how much more light it puts out, how much better looking it is, and the cool shadow that it casts on the ceiling.  I think tiny spaces like powder rooms really benefit from the “wow factor” that something like a shiny pendant light or a fancy faucet provides.  Plus the bonus for me is that this little upgrade made such a difference that Mark has now agreed to let me make one, final “tweak” to this room.  I’ll be back to share that detail, along with the full reveal soon, but for now, we’ve got to get back to that sun room!





2 thoughts on “Shine Bright Like A Diamond

  1. By her mother had the curtain made for her she means her mother made it for her. I feel I need to clear this up,because her mother really doesn’t usually sew…

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