Front Yard Makeover

As I mentioned in my last post, we’re giving the front yard a bit of a makeover. Here’s what the front yard looked like the first spring we lived here:


See all those tall, mushroom-shaped bushes near the window?  I’ve never liked them.  They are too big and too softly shaped (if that makes any sense) for my clean and minimalist aesthetic.  So we said goodbye to those and their sisters on the other side of the drive way and replaced them with some smaller, more uniform bushes and shrubs.


I realize that this may be a personal taste thing, but I like this so.much.better.  I feel like you can finally see the architecture of our little house. You will also note that since the first picture, we added shutters to the window and painted the front door navy. And while the front bed might look a little bare right now compared to what we had, in the long run these smaller/lower bushes are a better fit for the landscape.  We went with three english laurels to create a hedge, and then used five dwarf azaleas in front the hedge.  On the far right we added a limelight hydrangea that’s hopefully going to fully “dress” the corner of the house in a couple of years.  In front of the azaleas are some hostas and annuals like the daffodils you can see in this photo that we’ll move around in the fall if we don’t like how they look once it all comes in this spring.  You also can see that our border grass stops randomly, so we’re going to work on getting that to go all the way around.  Here’s a close-up of that bed:


Now here is a look at the left side of the house last spring:


As you can see the sidewalk had been completed at the time of this photo (Mark did that early last spring.)  But the fence, which we installed this past December isn’t up yet.  Also, the garlic weed is thick.  Here’s what we have going on over there now:

Front Yard Side March 2013It’s a little bare because we need to transfer some hostas and give the limelight hydrangea bush some time to grow, but I like where we are heading and I am thrilled to be rid of the “old people bushes” as Marked called them that were in the bed directly to the left of the garage door.  I think they were meant to hide the trash cans that are behind the bed but the fence does a good job of that now and this rhododendron looks so much nicer.

In addition to the new bushes and shrubs, Mark also installed a light under the flag so that we can leave it up all night.  It turned into a bigger project than he anticipated but in the end it’s great because now our porch light, flag light and street light are all on the same timer and we don’t have to worry about it!

I would say we’re about 90% done with the front yard makeover.  I still have plans to add a couple of planters to the porch and mix in some impatiens once the hostas come in a bit and it stops freezing at night.  I will be sure and update once everything is in and blooming.  We also have plans to give the garage a face lift with new paint on the cinder block walls, new epoxy floor and some better organizational systems.  Hopefully we can get that done in the next month, we’ll let you know!

– Kate

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