Free Design Software – Part Two

This week I fooled around…with some software.  I checked out  It’s a free design website that allows you to create (wait for it….) floor plans!  I know, right?

Anyway, the software takes a little getting used to.  It’s not as user friendly as the IKEA kitchen software, but allows you to do much more.  I was able to create this to scale 2D floor plan of the main level of our house.  



Some of the colors look a little funky and I am going to work on that and see if I can improve it.  There’s also a 3D view but I that’s alot more involved and is going to require me to spend more time with it.  (I think I see a Part 3 post coming your way!)

What’s nice is that this allows me to really get a good grasp on the layout of the house, floor by floor.  I’m a real visual person who also struggles with spacial relationships (my mom says I’m very special), so seeing things from this view as well as the 3D are super helpful for me.  Now I am able to better understand the flow of my tiny cottage and get an idea of how big (or in my case small) the rooms really are.  Doesn’t my kitchen look tiny?

Considering that none of this has cost me any money, I would say that I would really recommend to anyone looking to make changes to their house, whether they are simply re-painting a wall or considering a major add-on.  It’s a really helpful tool even if you have to stick with it for awhile before you become comfortable with how to use it.

Happy Friday Everyone, we’ll be at Julia & Alex’s for the Super Bowl.  I’m making Mississippi Mud Pie, recipe and how-to will be up shortly.

— Kate


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