Book Worm

My cape cod cottage has a couple of cool things going for it (and a few things that aren’t).  One of the things I absolutely love is our combo living/dining room.  Since our house is small, this room is for sure the heart of the home and I really do love having one big, open space.

On what used to be the exterior wall of this room is a great set of built-in bookshelves.  They are separated by an original window that now looks out into our Florida-soon-to-be-sun-room.  Here’s shot of how they looked before we moved in…


And here’s a close up of what it looked like with our stuff in there for Christmas:


Not bad, but not great.  For a long time I was obsessed with the idea of covering the back of the shelves in a grass cloth wallpaper.  I still really like that idea but what stopped me was cost.  I couldn’t find anywhere that would sell me less than a large roll of the grass cloth which means I would be paying for a lot more wallpaper than I needed without a good spot to use the leftover.

So I finally decided that a $20 can of paint was better than $80+ of wallpaper.  But deciding what color to use took some time.  First we tried a bright green color that we thought might play off of the green leafs in the dining chairs.  But after we got it on one panel, we knew it was too bright and modern for our cottage space.


So we decided to go ahead and be copycats.  I had seen the built-in book shelves that Sherry & John had done over on Young House Love and upon further inspection realized that their blueish grey wall color wasn’t all that far off from the light blue paint on the rest of the walls in our great room.  So I checked out the color they used (Dragonfly) on Benjamin Moore’s website and decided it might be the color for us as well.

Turns out?  It TOTALLY was!


After some considering, we decided to paint the whole wall and boy do we love it.  Here’s a closeup for ya.


So there you have it.  We really love the drama that the dark wall provides, plus we feel like it makes the rest of the walls look more blue which is awesome because while we really liked the color, it did read a little white/light for us before adding the dark, teal blue.

The other thing that I love is that while the color is the same as John & Sherry’s bookshelves, we were able to fill the shelves with items and a color scheme that reads a little more traditional than theirs does.  I was a little worried that I would end up copying Sherry’s decor choices as well (hello white animals) and was pleased that I was able to work with what I had and create vignettes that were our style.

So what’s next?  We’re thinking of sanding and re-finishing the oak floors that run through the entire two main levels of our house.  Crazy?  Possibly, but we’ll for sure keep you posted!

— Kate

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